"I've thought about it. I've actually done the vegetarian thing for six months before, but the plausibility at my level of income and the opportunities on campus makes it very difficult, not impossible, but very difficult to become a vegan ... so, probably not." Nick Englehart, a sophomore studying playwriting with minors in philosophy and political science

"I would, mainly for the sake of animals, but also because it helps with your health. I've been a vegetarian for seven years, and I would definitely like to try and go vegan ... changing to vegan is such a dramatic change though, and it's something you have to really taper into because of how it affects your body, and that's really hard for me because I am an all or nothing person." Liz Huber, an Athens resident

"No, because I like meat too much. It makes sense. I think it's fair and a good thing for people who want to do that, but I don't think it's wrong for people to not want to become vegans either." Jacob Duty, a sophomore studying education

"I definitely would. I think it would lead to a healthier lifestyle and avoid a lot of cancer based on the meat industry in the U.S. So yeah, go vegan." Warda Aden, a junior studying global studies and political science

"I would not because I am a fan of meat way too much. I come from a culture (Serbian) that's based on food revolving around meat and dairy, and I just can't cut that out of my life after 19 years." Tatiana Radujkovic, a sophomore studying English

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