"It would be about family probably because I am very family orientated person. I grew up with a mom, dad, two sisters, so I would probably write about what it was like to grow up in that type of environment, a close-knit family that is religious, Christian and everything else." Keith Key, a sophomore studying marketing and management

"I would write a novel that blends science fiction with sociology kind of. I like studying mental illness and science fiction, so I would like to blend those things and make an anti-hero story." Kelsey Surmacz, a senior studying organizational communications

"I would write it on societal issues because people need to learn a thing or two." Greysan Kerns, a sophomore studying chemistry

"I would write a historical fiction novel about Europe." Abbey Fossen, a freshman studying applied environmental nutrition 

"I would write about a book for girls going into college so they can get the experience I am having and what it will be like for them." Celia Kellicker, a freshman studying public health 

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