I normally shoot sports, but with all the craziness with the election I decided to try something new and shoot something a little more journalistic. 

On election night, I decided to go to the bar where the College Dems often gathered because I, like the overwhelming majority of polls, thought Hillary would win. I made one of my favorite shots of the week as a state was called for Hillary.

Matt Starkey | Matt Starkey

Grace Miller, a junior art history major, sighs in relief as Clinton wins a state in the Pigskin Bar Tuesday night 

The girl in the foreground exhaled in relief as another person cheered. I think the contrast in emotions is powerful.

As the night went on and it became more and more evident that Trump would win, I switched from shooting wide-angle to getting tighter shots concentrating on people's expressions, like the one below.

Ashley Fishwick, a sophomore studying English, pre-law and political science, reacts as election results come in at the Pigskin Bar and Grille on Tuesday night. 

I made my absolute favorite picture of the week at the wedding of two women at the Athens County Courthouse.

Loran Marsan, left, professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at OU, and Jolena Hansbarger seal their marriage at the Athens County Court House on Wednesday to protest Trump's election.

I didn't find out about the wedding until about an hour before it started. I knew I wanted to get a picture with the two brides and the crowd in the background. As soon as the ceremony started (they were waiting for grandma), I ran up the steps of the courthouse and waited for the ladies to kiss and seal the deal. As soon as they went in for the kiss, I realized that I was on the wrong side of the woman leading the ceremony and, so I shifted over to the other side of her before the kiss stopped. Shooting that wedding was a much-needed pick-me-up after shooting all the doom and gloom at the Dems bar the night before.

Later that week, the International Socialist Organization put together an anti-Trump march. I showed up not really knowing what to expect, but by 7:15 almost 300 people gathered around the courthouse. After a few passionate speeches, the crowd began marching down Court Street. The biggest challenge with that event was the lighting — it was dark outside. I got my best picture from that night by literally sprinting ahead of the mob and camping out under a streetlight.

Matt Starkey | Matt Starkey

Anti-Trump protesters march down Court Street in Athens on Novemeber 13, 2016 

Shooting this whole election has been pretty eye-opening for me, being 18 years old and seeing how many people are so incredibly passionate about their country. I definitely want to cover more political events in the future and could even see myself going to D.C. to cover Trump’s inauguration — and the protests that will likely go with it.



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