"One of things my mom and I do for New Year's is go to a local theater. They always do a holiday show. People sing and dance and do musical theater stuff." Jessica Long, a freshman studying art history

"Putting up my Christmas tree. Me and my mom usually do it together." Mallory Nicodemus, a senior studying French education

"Thanksgiving night we always have a family game night at my house. That's my favorite thing to do. We always stay up until like three in the morning and just play games together." Jacob Pugh, a freshman studying integrated social studies

"Every year we have my grandma and mom cook dinner together. My uncle and I make oyster casserole together, and that's fun, but I don't even like it that much." Mitchell Rees, a freshman studying music production

"Every New Year's my dad and I have green eggs and ham ... like the Dr. Seuss book." Blake Hale, a freshman studying English

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