"I'd say no. I feel like I'd fall in love with someone for their personality or humor, unless they have blue eyes... then maybe." Katie Moore, a junior studying communications studies

"No, I don't. The reason being is I think love is something so much deeper than the hallmark meaning we have given it. Love comes from being with a person and knowing the person so well that when you experience anything that makes you happy, you wish they were there... I think it actually degrades love to think it can be achieved at first sight." Sam Campbell, a senior studying journalism

"I do believe in love at first sight. I'm one of those people who believe first impressions last, they are really important, and how you interact and treat someone really could have a lasting impression." Shariq Sherwani, a doctoral student studying communication and a public speaking instructor

"I do believe in love at first sight, it's kinda like a little fairytale, that is totally possible, my parents believe that they fell in love at first sight... I'm hopeful that it will happen to me eventually." Amyrah Forte, a freshman studying exercise physiology

"I guess it would depend because I feel like love is better when you know someone really well and then you base a relationship off of that. I think friendship is a great foundation for love. That's why it would depend because it also could happen with very special circumstances." Shannon Looney, a junior studying communications and French

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