"I think McDavis' legacy is one of communication, so I think if he were to be remembered, it would be by he was able to communicate with the students. Although he might of been late and somewhat not to respond immediately, he is always open to have a dialogue with the students, and I think that's important." Demari Muff, a senior studying journalism

"So as a freshman, I do not have a lot of experience with President McDavis, but having him speak at our opening ceremony here as freshmen was very inspiring. He got me motivated to change my ways from high school into college, and really push me to be a better student, and it will push me through the rest of my time here at Ohio University." Christian Berry, a freshman studying management and strategic leadership

"I'd say President McDavis' legacy will be focused on a lot of the financial sides, and a lot of the good things he has done will go unnoticed." Matt Ratliff, a senior studying sports management

"I think McDavis' legacy at OU would be that he bought diversity to OU for being the first African-American president." Teresa Varvel, a sophmore studying wildlife biology

"I actually got the pleasure of meeting President McDavis during the Involvement Fair, and I got to have a conversation with him. I think his legacy is, beside bringing the squirrels to campus and being an alum, just that he made everyone feel welcomed and feel included. With everything going on right now, he made our new home feel like home." Maggie Kaple, a freshman studying strategic communication

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