The NBA All-Star game is coming at us this weekend, and I am actually looking forward to it for the first time in a long time. Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine put on a show last year during the dunk contest. Gordon came in second, but he is participating again to win it all this time.

It all starts with the skills challenge which consists of shooting, passing and dribbling. Then the bracket goes to four power forwards and centers along with four guards; eight players total. Whoever has the faster time moves on. The forwards are on one side of the bracket, and the guards are on the other side.

The winners from both sides play in the championship. The first matchup is Kristaps Porzingis v. Demarcus Cousins. I would like Cousins to win this time because he played in it last year and he needs to win in something since he plays for the Sacramento Kings.

Next big guy matchup is Anthony Davis v. Nikola Jokic. I’ll take Davis due to the fact that Jokic is a late entry to the challenge due to Joel Embid backing out due to injury. I also like Davis’ skills over Jokic’s for this challenge.

The first matchup on the guard's side is John Wall v. Gordon Heyward. I choose Wall for this because he is a wizard with the ball and with the Washington Wizards. Wow, my head is spinning right now from that man.

The last first round matchup is Isaiah Thomas v. Devin Booker. Thomas is the favorite to win, and I'd like him to win this matchup.

The first second round matchup I think we will see is Cousins v. Davis. This is a toss-up for me, but I will go with Cousins in a barn burner.

That leaves Thomas v. Wall for a great matchup. I like Thomas because he is a better shooter than Wall.

That leaves Cousins v. Thomas in the championship, who played with each other in the Sacremento at one time and have remained good friends. I think Cousins takes home the crown. Cousins is going to want this bad. Beating Thomas will be very difficult, but I think he can do it.

The three point contest has a ton of talent, which includes studs like Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving. Thompson won this event last year and is the favorite this year. The other six participants are great as well, but I think one of these two guys wins. I think Irving will stop Thompson from repeating.

Irving has won this event before and this is another chance for him to beat the Golden State Warriors in something. I hope both these guys put on a great show.

The dunk contest finishes off the night. The four guys participating are Gordon, Derrick Jones Jr., Glenn Robinson and Deandre Jordan. Jordan has an uphill battle since he is over 7-foot tall which limits what he can do. I say there is no way he wins.

Robinson is a freak athlete, but he has tough competition in Jones and Gordon. I think he has a few good dunks but won’t be able to keep up.

I think Jones or Gordon will win. Jones has minimal NBA experience, but he has been a dunking machine in every league he has played in. We all know Gordon is a freak too based off of his performance in last year's contest.

Gordon is going to win I think but it will be close just like last year. Jones is going to get as creative as possible to showcase his athleticism. However, I think Gordon will do whatever it takes to not come in second place again.

Everything I just told you will probably be wrong, but shooters shoot. Cheers to a fun weekend of watching people much more athletic than you do cool things.

Mike Smith is a senior studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. What contest are looking forward to most this NBA All-Star weekend? Let Mike know by emailing him at

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