"I am concerned, especially when we got the email from a faculty member talking about students here. They immigrated here. I'm just concerned for them. I don't know what's going to happen to them. If they would have to leave or be deported, that would be concerning. I think it would change the general atmosphere of the school if those kinds of things started to happen." Madeline Smith, a junior studying international business

"I haven't read too much into it, but from what I've heard it's crap to me, in my opinion. I hate the dude, and I just hate everything that he's about, and I just think that's really unfair what he's doing to the immigrants." Daria Kirksey, a junior studying graphic design

"It's sketchy, no doubt. I'm not completely behind it whatsoever. I get what he's trying to do, but I think he's doing it a little too extra right now. I think he's pushing it too much. I think that it's almost all negative around the board and every other country's view of us right now." Emmett Lowe, a freshman studying pre-law 

"I'm personally against it. I served in the military, I joined the National Guard when I was 17, I fought in Iraq. I think just basing any kind of foreign policy something off of something just so sweepingly ... racist isn't quite the right word ... but I mean, it seems like it's based out of fear. If you've talked to any Muslim people or had any interaction with people on an individual level, then I think it's completely baseless." Ben Ranly, a junior studying history education

"It's horrible. We're all immigrants here. My parents are immigrants from Lithuania, and I don't think you can ban immigrants from a country. Our country is basically founded on Native American genocide. I don't know how you ban immigrants in a country built on immigration. I just don't understand it." Michael Stull, a freshman studying pre-nursing 

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