"It would be nice if events were actually communicated with the public better, because my family knows really nothing of what the school does, and I live in town, and I've lived in town for like six years." Jude Alaswad, high school student and part-time Ohio University student

"Bring more social issues throughout campus to be heard and known. I wasn't even aware of Student Senate until a friend brought it up to me, so possibly work on getting their name more known also." Maya Price, a freshman studying pre athletic training

"I think they should work on the Shostack room on the second floor of Alden. It's for audio and visual disabled students, and if you go in there it's just too loud. How is anyone supposed to read Braille in a loud environment like that?" Aaron Bleile, a junior who is changing majors

"I think the Communications and Disabilities class (COMS 3410) should be mandatory before graduation, and I would love for the senate to look into this." Hailey Spivak, a senior studying health communication and public advocacy

"It would be cool to see more communication about what sexual assault looks like and survivor advocacy, mandatory training, etcetera. Something different than someone just presenting with a powerpoint slide." Sage Foote, a junior studying English with a concentration in culture and rhetoric theory

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