The Period Project, a student organization dedicated to providing menstrual products to those in need, is spreading its mission to the University of Akron.

Maddie Sloat, a junior studying political communication and the founder of the Period Project, said a friend of hers who attends Akron was inspired to bring the Period Project’s mission to her university after talking with Sloat about the group’s work in Athens. Sloat said she thinks the expansion will enable the group’s mission to reach more neighborhoods in need and educate more people on women’s health issues.

“I think it’s just so awesome that it’s a movement that people are interested in and want to be involved in enough that it is moving outside of the Athens area,” she said. “I think it’s an important topic, and we’re just really excited that another university is as excited as we were.”

Sloat was president of the Period Project since its formation last winter, but will step down in the fall. However, she will continue to oversee the organization’s growth to Akron.

The Period Project was founded in February 2016 after Sloat started a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy pads and tampons for those who couldn’t afford them, according to a previous Post report. The movement quickly gained traction around campus, and now the group is a full-fledged student organization, providing feminine products to school districts and charitable bodies throughout Athens and Morgan counties.

“I think one of (the group’s) biggest accomplishments was just becoming an established student org on campus and gaining a lot of active members because that’s pretty difficult when you’re an organization that’s centered around periods,” Sloat said. “We’ve been really thankful to have that growth on campus.”

Sloat hopes the group’s mission will continue to spread to other schools in Ohio. She said people from around the country have reached out asking how they can join the cause.

“In whatever form in comes in, we would be really excited for people to be continuing our mission," she said.


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