I have watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars — most of them twice and a handful of them thrice.

I cringed at the sounds of the girls’ infamous ringtones as they received a text, and I hoped “A” wasn’t on the other end. I am haunted by the images of “A” and his or her minions torturing the main characters and sensed people lurking in the shadows of my house after binge watching the series. I was tempted to throw pillows at the television set when my favorite couples broke up — Ezria is the best, by the way — but didn’t because my mom would yell at me.

Despite the frustration of the show, it is my favorite television series — and it’s ending.

Pretty Little Liars will air its final, two-hour episode Tuesday, and I feel like a chapter in my life is coming to an end. I know I’m being a little dramatic, but a dramatic show deserves this kind of goodbye.

I am the girl everybody hates because I call the show “PLL.” Whenever I mention PLL, my friends and family know they are about to hear a theory or the latest article I read on the internet.

PLL was a bonding experience. I got my brother hooked on the show in the first half of season one, my mom in the second half. My mom was reluctant in the beginning, but after the first episode she watched, she went back and watched all the ones she missed.

When I moved to college and had to watch the show on my own, my mom knew to have the phone ready immediately after that week’s episode ended.

I also connected with the characters. Spencer Hastings taught me that if you work hard, anything is achievable. Aria Montgomery demonstrated there is one love that is completely steadfast — the love of a family. Hanna Marin taught me to be whoever I wanted to be. Emily Fields showed me empathy is not a weakness. Mona Vanderwaal taught me how to stay strong in the face of adversity. Ali DiLaurentis taught me to not waste a second chance when it’s given.

I’m going to miss curling up on my couch and watching Pretty Little Liars with my mom and discussing our latest theories — by the way, she’s usually right. But if I have a daughter of my own someday, this will be the show we watch together.

Goodbye, Pretty Little Liars.

Kisses --G



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