A West Virginia woman who robbed two banks in Athens was sentenced to more than four years in prison last month after accepting a plea deal.

Christine Joy Martin, 31, of Davisville, West Virginia, was sentenced on July 27. She was originally charged with six counts of unarmed robbery in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, but she agreed to a plea deal and was therefore only charged with three.

Martin pleaded guilty to three of the counts, including one in Athens, and the other three were dropped as part of the plea deal, according to a previous Post report. Martin robbed Peoples Bank, 1 N. Court St., on Dec. 27, and two days later, she robbed Chase Bank, 920 E. State St. According to Court Filings, she stole $2,150 and $1,800 from each bank, respectively, according to the previous Post report.

The three unarmed robberies totaled $4,500, according to an Associated Press release.



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