The home games of the Trimble Tomcats may be in jeopardy for the 2017 season after an engineer’s inspection found Glouster Memorial Stadium unsafe, according to The Athens Messenger.

The engineer’s inspection was required before any structural work could be done to the stadium, according to a social media post from superintendent Scott Christman.

There will be a more thorough inspection in the next week, but the stadium is closed until then.

The school board is now exploring options for the team if they cannot use its stadium this year.

The current plan is that the Tomcats will play their home games at home this season, with plans to bring in temporary bleachers if the stadium seating is deemed unsafe.

If those bleachers cannot be brought in, however, there will be a chance that every game will have to be played on the road.

Trimble's first home game is on Aug. 26 against Nelsonville-York.


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