The “distracted boyfriend” meme. We’ve all seen it by now. If you haven't seen this meme yet, then welcome to the internet. (Fun fact: There’s a meme for that later.) 

What are the origins of the most compelling love triangle to occur since Bella, Edward and Jacob attempted to drag us through Twilight? Like most great things on the internet, it began with a stock photo. It was originally titled, “Disloyal man with his girlfriend looking at another girl,” but apparently that didn’t roll off of the tongue quite enough in the world of memes.

In the internet world, a topic of rising popularity in memes is the meta-meme aka memes about the format of the memes. One of the premium traits for the memes rating is its easy application to make some #relatablecontent. 

Luckily for the meme creators of the world, there have been plenty of intense situations going on, so there is a boatload of subjects at the mercy of our protagonist with the wandering eyes. From eclipse safety to Hurricane Irma, no major event is safe from the gaze of the man known as distracted boyfriend.

Because of the #relatablecontent aspect, this meme deserves a higher score. That, paired with the what I like to call the “lol factor” of gut-splitting humor lands the love triangle at a solid 4/5.


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