Ami Scherson keeps three notebooks: one for class due dates, another for extracurriculars and a third for thoughts. 

“By staying organized I am able to track exactly what I need to do during a specific part of the day,” Scherson, a junior studying music, said in an email. “I know how to use my time wisely for studying, practicing and my social life.”

Students can stay organized by utilizing planners and digital calendars to keep up to date with class assignments, club meetings and work shifts. Staying organized can help students take care of their mental health because they’ll have a better grasp on their upcoming due dates and plans.

Scherson said she even uses Google calendar to supplement the journals. She makes sure to put reminders of tasks in her line of sight, whether it’s in her dorm or on a Post-it note taped to an item she frequently uses.

Meegan Elizabeth, a junior studying psychology and communication sciences and disorders, said she uses a planner she bought from the campus bookstore to write down her daily tasks.

“I get anxiety if I don’t have a general idea of what I need to do,” she said.

Nate Sulecki, a graduate student studying experimental cognitive psychology, said he just uses the standard Android calendar and did not really think about buying a physical agenda. Often times, the event reminders save him from missing something important.

“I wouldn’t show up to things if they weren’t in my calendar,” he said. “It just seems more convenient that I always have my phone on me. I can always add to (the calendar), and I can always check it.”

Grace Konyar, a graduate student studying college student personnel, said she uses a physical planner for college assignments but a digital calendar for work-related tasks. Her assignments mainly consists of group projects and papers. 

Some students find digital organization easier to use and maintain than a paper planner.

“(On Google calendar), I thoroughly input my schedule, anywhere from class times to when I should eat lunch. Being able to view my week helps me schedule (plans),” Scherson said.

Some people decorated their planners or stick with certain brands to add a personal touch.

Elizabeth said she makes a different cover each year based on an inspiration she feels the moment classes begin.

“I’m a very individualistic person,” Elizabeth said. “I like to stand out a little bit to everyone else, and I’m pretty good at art (and drawing).”

Konyar said she likes when her materials look decorative, but still organized. She draws in the free space of her planner and puts stickers on her notebooks and laptop.

Konya’s friends who are not as organized do not understand how she stays on top of her responsibilities, Konyar said. She manages and prioritizes her time, but she has missed out on social plans because of work.

“Staying organized is really important to me or else I’ll get behind,” she said. “I’m one of those people who has to be ahead in order to feel comfortable.”


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