Ohio University Student Senate will vote on three resolutions at its meeting Wednesday night. 

A resolution to create senate inservices requires senators to attend two workshops, called inservices, per semester. 

Inservices focus on “leadership development, issues directly affecting university students at large, issues affecting marginalized groups of students, personal growth, or other topics decided on an as-needed basis,” the resolution said.

The Standing Committee on Leadership Development would select and plan the inservices. Senators would receive penalties for not attending the inservices without a valid excuse. 

The other two resolutions are appointments. 

If they pass, Robyn Heard will serve as a Women’s Affairs Senator and Treasurer Zach Woods will serve as temporary Chair of the Committee on the Budget.

The Rules and Procedures state the Chair must have served on the committee for at least one academic year. Woods is the only member of senate who is eligible for the position, according to the resolution.

Student trustees Brooke Mauro and Faith Voinovich and Graduate College Senator Ellenore Holbrook will give presentations.

Holbrook will present about the OU Graduate Employee Organization. 

“GEO commits to advocating for graduate student employee rights at Ohio University via collective bargaining with the university,” Holbrook said in an email. “Their goals focus on improving working conditions for graduate students, raising awareness about issues faced by OU graduate employees, and creating a supportive community in which workers can gather and discuss their common concerns.”

Holbrook said she will use her presentation to talk to senate about the group, its goals and mission. 



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