The end of week eight means students are officially more than halfway through the semester. With midterms nearly done, everyone deserves to catch up on the fun news from the week.

Lulu flunked out of CIA bomb-sniffer school, but we still love her 

The CIA announced Wednesday that Lulu the black Lab didn’t seem to think the bomb-sniffing business was for her

A series of tweets announced the news: 

Lulu is living her best life, though. 

Librarians remade a Kardashian photoshoot, and it’s great 

Invercargill City Libraries and Archives in New Zealand decided to have "a totally impromptu, definitely not planned, photo-shoot," according to its Facebook post, recreating the Kardashians’ The Hollywood Reporter cover. 

A 9-year-old is documenting reading Harry Potter for the first time

Ellie, a 9-year-old girl from St. Louis, Missouri, is reading the books for the first time, and she's been writing her thoughts down as she goes, BuzzFeed reported.

A full list of the notes can be found at BuzzFeed, and it’s definitely worth checking out. 


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