Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager, may have just revealed the name of Eminem’s next album through an Instagram post.

Rosenberg posted a picture of Yelawolf’s upcoming album, which comes out this Friday, on Instagram on Wednesday 

Conveniently placed in the background of the photo is a billboard for a medicine called “Revival.” At first glance, the billboard seems like it’s for an actual medicine, but a closer look reveals the billboard sports a backwards E, a trademark of Eminem.

Additionally, no such medicine called “Revival” actually exists.

Reddit users later found the full ad online on the Detroit Free Press‘s website, and it’s paid for by none other than Interscope Records. A medicine ad from a record label sounds unusual — unless it’s promoting an upcoming album.

The online ad features a website and a phone number.

The web site,, features more clues. Visitors are told Revival is in clinical phases and can be used to treat Atrox Rithimus, which isn’t a real disease. But translated to latin, Atrox Rithimus means “terrible rhyme.” If it’s not obvious yet, it looks like Eminem’s next album will cure hip-hop of “terrible rhymes.”

The website also says “Revival could be music to your ears.” At the bottom of the website, customers of Revival are told if they experience side effects, they should “seek medical attention, 'I need a doctor,'" — the name of Eminem’s collaboration with Dr. Dre. 

At the bottom of the web site, Revival is stated to be manufactured by a company named “Popsomp Industries.” Again, not a real thing. 

However, in 2009, a fictional rehab center called “Popsomp Hills” was made up by Eminem as part of the marketing campaign for his album Relapse.

If the clues provided aren’t obvious enough already, the video ad on the website features the piano notes for “I Need a Doctor.”

A quick call to the telephone number also features the same piano notes playing in the background while a robotic female voice provides callers more information on Revival. For those who were wondering, Revival is not intended for anal use, according to the voice at least.

As of now, the album still does not have a release date, but the ad on Detroit Free Press’s website is set to expire Nov. 21, less than a month away. Hopefully the album will be out by then — that is, if it exists at all.


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