Everyone was still struggling to adjust to their new reality on Thursday’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Each character is plagued with their own individual dilemma, but none of them know how to cope without the recently-dissolved group of support they subconsciously built for each other. As problems intensify, the characters grapple with trying to separate their new lives from their past, leading to intense confrontations, disheartening reveals, and countless secrets. Here are the top five moments from tonight’s episode.

1. Annalise found a new job — for now

At the beginning of the episode, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) was preparing for a job interview with the public defender’s office which is strained from an enormous amount of cases. Annalise took on the case of a man who was charged with murder after his wife died from falling out of a window.

The man insisted he didn’t push her, but that she jumped. Annalise used the fact that his wife had postpartum depression, but the jury didn’t buy it. Mostly because the prosecution argued the man wasn’t even the baby’s father after Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) hacked Annalise’s phone for Nate (Billy Brown) and Bonnie (Liza Weil). 

Annalise, under pressure from the public defender and her therapist, considered dropping the case. However, she saw security footage of the defendant's wife jumping out of the window footage and ultimately won the case. 

The case was Annalise’s second win of the season, showing the audience that she is returning to her previous role as the fearless defense attorney. Annalise will probably continuing to defend, which will empower her after a rough last season. 

2. Connor dropped out of law school

Michaela (Aja Naomi King) was the only member of the Keating 4 to be offered an internship,  so Asher (Matt McGorry) and Laurel (Karla Souza) attempted to find other opportunities. However, the denial proved too much for Connor (Jack Falahee), who subsequently dropped out of law school.

The other characters were shocked at this decision. Frank (Charlie Weber), Oliver and the other members of the Keating 4 held an intervention to try and persuade Connor to reevaluate his decision. Connor was deaf to their arguments, and told them that all they could do was support him. His decision resulted in both of his dads appearing at the end of the episode, seemingly disappointed with their son. 

The idea of Connor dropping out of law school will allow the show to explore new territory, but it also reveals more about Connor. After three seasons, fans know almost nothing about his backstory, so the additional information is highly-anticipated. It will definitely encourage the group to support each other and try and change his mind, which of course, is the opposite of what they want to be doing. Hopefully, viewers will see Connor return to school after a bit of self-exploration.

3. Someone from Annalise’s past died

Last episode, Annalise was reunited with her former cellmate, whom she helped free from prison. Although she helped her win her case, Annalise left her therapist with a foreboding message, promising him that Jasmine (L. Scott Caldwell) would be back in prison soon enough. Jasmine had been in and out of the system as a result of drug abuse since she was gang-raped at age 13.

Sadly, Annalise was right about Jasmine not staying free for long. Annalise was called to the morgue, where she unfortunately identified Jasmine’s dead body. Jasmine died of an overdose, proving that she couldn’t escape the demons that had haunted her for her entire life.

Jasmine’s death will have an essential impact on Annalise, which we saw an inkling of already toward the end of the episode. It will inspire her to fight for the poor, who are left at the hands of cheap attorneys and an unfair justice system. The motivation will likely be the guiding force for Annalise and will take her character to new heights. 

4. Everyone was quick-witted as always 

How to Get Away with Murder is no stranger to sharp, commanding dialogue. Michaela was forced to compete against the other interns at her new job and was in the final two with arch-enemy Simon Drake (Behzad Dabu). Before her final battle of wits, Michaela was approached by the female boss who gave her some words of wisdom. 

“If he loses, it’s his fault. it’s If you lose, it’s all women’s fault,” she said. 

Clearly, the scene exemplifies that at even the “best” firms for women, women must work harder than men to receive the same praise.

Later in the episode, Annalise provided a forceful message about the justice system and poor individuals. 

“The justice system is failing and poor people are targeted. We all know it and we all tolerate it, we don’t fix it,” she said. 

Her compelling argument is often made in real life, showcasing the additional burden a poor individual has to go through in the justice system—simply because they don’t have money.

It’s likely that viewers will see Annalise become even fiercer, especially if she follows through on her threat of a case-action lawsuit against the governor and state justice system. 

5.  Michaela’s hospital visit was a nail-biting ending

How to Get Away with Murder is known for its suspenseful mysteries and dramatic flash-forwards. At the end of this episode, viewers were stunned to see Michaela at the hospital, covered in blood, crying. Annalise’s therapist, whose motives at the hospital are still unknown, confronted Michaela and asked her what was wrong. 

“He’s dead, isn’t he? Everyone around us dies. It’s what we do,” Michaela wailed. 

The emotional reply left audience members racking their brains and agonizing over who the mysterious “he” is. Most fans would assume it’s Laurel’s baby, but knowing How to Get Away with Murder’s history, it’s likely that they have absolutely no idea who it really is.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC



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