Four levies will be on the ballot for Athens residents in the Nov. 7 election, all of which are renewals. There will be no new taxes as a result of the levies. 

The levies will be assessed in “mills.” According to the Athens County Auditor’s website, 1 mill is equivalent to $1 for every $1,000 of a home’s tax-assessed value. 

Here are the levies that will be on your November ballot: 

Athens City School District

The Athens City School District is attempting to renew a 1 percent income tax levy for “current operating expenses,” according to official ballot language.

In a statement on the Athens City Schools website, Superintendent Tom Gibbs said the levy would fund the school’s “day-to-day” operations.”

“The renewal levy funds the important day-to-day operations of our schools such as teachers, utilities and supplies,” Gibbs said in the statement. “The levy represents approximately 12.5 (percent) of our general operating budget. With it, we can continue to maintain the current quality of education and provide what the community values such as smaller class sizes, opportunities for students and high quality professional development for teachers and staff.”

The district passed a similar levy renewal last year, which represented around 12 percent of the district’s budget at about $3.7 million, according to a previous Post report.

Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities

The Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities, or ACBDD, 1.8 mill levy represents roughly 15 percent of its annual budget, according to the board’s website

“This is one of the agency’s four levies. Nearly 60 (percent) of the agency’s revenue comes from local taxes that are solely spent on individuals who live in Athens County,” a statement on the board's website reads. “The funds will be used for the maintenance and operation of programs and services of the ACBDD.”

Athens County Emergency Medical Services

This 1 mill levy would “provide for Emergency Medical Services,” according to official ballot language.

According to the Athens County Emergency Medical Services' website, levies account for roughly half of the EMS’ operating expenses.

“Athens County has several smaller property tax levies that cover about half of the operating expenses for Emergency Medical Services,” a statement on the website reads. “Patient billing is used to cover the other half. With this system, property owners who may never use EMS aren’t stuck paying 100 (percent) of the bill, and the patients who need and use EMS aren’t charged exceptionally high rates to cover 100 (percent) of our operating expenses. Providing a high quality paramedic-level EMS system that operates 24 hours a day costs money.”

Athens-Hocking-Vinton Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services District 

The Athens-Hocking-Vinton 317 Board is seeking to renew a 1 mill levy “for the purpose of supplementing the general fund for the purpose of the operation, acquisition and construction of alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services and facilities,” according to official ballot language

“We are careful stewards of tax dollars, ever mindful of our responsibility to maintain the highest standards of accountability, while safeguarding the quality of services we fund,” a statement the board’s website reads. “Our voters have demonstrated their appreciation for our high-quality services, public accountability and effective management by their continued support of our levies. We will continue to meet their expectations.”


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