I’ve always been horrific with a football in my hands.

I played the offensive line in high school, so I have no catching or throwing abilities whatsoever. Once someone gives me a football and expects me to do something with it, everything goes out the window.

Naturally, I decided learning how to punt with one of, if not the Mid-American Conference’s best punter was a good idea. At best, it’d be funny. At worst, I’d tear my hamstring.

I asked Ohio punter Michael Farkas and the athletic department to see if they would be OK with me making an idiot of myself on camera. For some reason, they said yes.

Now, I figured Farkas would be helpful and try to give me some encouragement. Maybe he’d even shank one to make me feel better.

He was helpful and showed me there’s a lot more to punting than just kicking it as hard as possible. There’s so much more finesse to it than is seen during a game and so many subtle nuances that have to go right for a successful punt.

The problem was his farthest kick would’ve been recorded as about a 65-yard punt. My farthest punt would’ve registered 29 yards. With a roll and the wind at my back.

So here’s me, a senior journalism student taking on 6-foot-4 punter Michael Farkas. Enjoy.



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