It’s the midway point of the semester. Midterms are gearing up, and classes are in full swing. Here at The Post, we’re still working to put out new and interesting content every day online and every week in our tabloid. 

This week marks issue seven, which means we are halfway done producing tabloids for this semester. We do not put out an edition on Thanksgiving, but don’t worry — we’re still online each day. (Maybe another Thanksgiving playlist will be underway.)

It’s crazy how quick the seven weeks have come and gone. 

We’ve produced two specials editions, one of which was last week’s Homecoming tabloid. Both of those special issues were accompanied by landing pages online created by our web team. They also have specially coded a few stories each week so stay on the look for more. 

Our multimedia team has produced a handful of videos. If you missed any, check out our YouTube page to catch up. 

Our blogs staff has produced more than 100 blogs on various topics. That includes everything from common phrases you’re likely to hear in Athens to a breakdown of President Donald Trump’s plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. 

Again, it does not end there. We still have a lot to accomplish and a lot of room to learn and grow. We have another special edition underway at the end of the semester. Keep your eyes peeled for a survey being pushed out on Twitter and Facebook. 

My personal goal is to be interacting with readers more. I want to have conversations what The Post is doing well and what can improve on. While this is a learning experience, we also have an obligation to serve our readers. It’s important to me that all voices are accurately represented in The Post, and if we’re ever missing something, reach out and let us know. 

Also, I want to ensure that readers are able to get our content with ease whether that’s in the paper, online or on social media. If a paper is ever missing from its regular spot or if you’re experiencing problems with our website, reach out and we will work to solve the problem. 

Help us learn and grow. Feedback is always appreciated. 

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