Summer: lemonade, sunshine and absolutely terrible weather. The sun beats down on your neck as you walk down Court Street, and you begin to question whether you will actually melt by the time you get to your home. When the puddle that used to be you finally reaches your front door, you’re welcomed to an uncomfortably warm house in mid-July, and the only solution is to rest your head on the bag of peas that has been your freezer for months for no apparent reason other than this. (OK, this may have happened to me this summer, but I digress).

I hate that heat. I hate humidity and the overly bright sun. Having stayed in Athens over the summer, I decided that the sweltering weather wore me out — for better or for worse. But now  the leaves are turning, gourds are running amok and I get to put on sweaters.

Fall is here, which means we have nice weather. That’s right — I’ll take the gray, October days over a sunny August day 11 times out of 10.

I’m sure this is crazy, but I’m even more excited for the cold winter months. Let me explain.

Humidity takes a vacation during those months. I can finally walk from point A to point B without the complementary sweat streak of shame on my back. And even better, without humidity, I can breathe easily, not feeling like every breath is a constant struggle between life and death. 

Consider how the holidays simply come a-knocking in these months. Halloween, Thanksgiving and all the winter holidays arrive in back-to-back-to-back succession.

Truly, as the weather gets colder, the year itself just becomes a bit happier overall. Unless you aren’t one for holidays — then, you know, I’m sorry. 

Then, the clothes. Who doesn’t like being wrapped up in a nice warm sweater and flannel-lined pants? No? Just me? Well, go and get some flannel-lined pants, and then you’ll understand this sentiment. 

So, despite the lack of lemonade, bring out the hot cocoa and ciders. The cold weather is here, and I wish it would never leave. Any future employers who are reading this from somewhere with a cold climate: Hire me immediately.  

Chuck Greenlee is a junior studying communications studies at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Do you love gray October days? Let Chuck know by tweeting him @chuck_greenlee

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