At its Wednesday night meeting, members of Ohio University Student Senate will vote on six resolutions and three new bills brought before the body, including a bill that calls for OU to consider divesting from fossil fuels and investing in alternative energy sources. 

OU President Duane Nellis has pledged OU’s support for the Paris Climate agreement, saying “Ohio University chooses to lead by example by working toward a sustainable future in every capacity we can,” according to the bill. 

The bill Student Senate will discuss Wednesday would ask the university to create a plan to divest from fossil fuels.

The Senate is concerned with both the environmental consequences and the “increasing economic burden” of fossil fuels. Failing to invest in renewable energy now, the bill argues, could cost more in the long term. The bill would work to prevent that, making it so “relevant OHIO groups shall research divestment strategies for Ohio University.”

In another bill, the Student Senate will vote to request that the university adopt a “Global Vision.”

To help advocate “global inclusion,” the bill requests a “Global Exploration Fund” which would be used to cover costs of airfare. 

The Senate will also vote on a bill of support for Ohio House Bill 61. House Bill 61 is sponsored by State Representative Greta Johnson and is proposed to eliminate the sales tax on menstrual products. The bill argues that taxation of menstrual products violates the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Four of the five proposed resolutions would amend the rules and procedures that Student Senate follows. 

The last resolution on the agenda will propose Keegan Fillinger fill a vacancy and serve as Chairperson of the Regional Campus Affairs Committee.


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