The CW’s aired season 13 of Supernatural Thursday night, and picked up where the season 12 finale left off.  In the moments before season 12 ended, Cas (Misha Collins) appeared to die from a stabbing from Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino),  Crowley (Mark Sheppard) sacrificed himself for the brothers and Mary (Samantha Smith) accidently slipped into the alternate Earth with Lucifer.  

Season 13 came into focus with Sam (Jared Padalecki) comforting Jack while Dean mourned Cas’ supposed death. Who knows if the death was legitimate, as the show is quite infamous for resurrecting main characters.  Dean joined Sam, and when he saw Jack, he viewed him as a threat and a monster. He shockingly aimed the gun at Jack, which made him upset and frightened. Jack then threw Sam and Dean and they black out. It is then made apparent that Jack has inhuman “powers,” but it wasn’t clear what those were in the scene. 

The next morning, Sam and Dean set out to find the child, who isn’t a child anymore. As Dean said, he “hit puberty" in thirty seconds flat.  The duo found Jack in a nearby sheriff’s station because of public indecency as he was just ‘born’ into Earth.  When Jack was born and because he is Lucifer’s son, he is no longer ‘human’ and can quickly become an adult to become more powerful.  He did not have any clothes, was lost and confused.  He was found in this state and was then taken in for questioning. Dean and Sam tracked down Jack, found him at the the office and tried to intervene to ultimately protect him. Naturally, the sheriff was concerned and Dean gave her “the talk” about what exactly it was that Sam and Dean do. Sam, on the other hand, watched Jack because he was forced to tase him to calm him down before he hurt anyone. When Jack came to, Sam tried to understand his powers and why he is so advanced for being born less than 24 hours ago. The answer was because he considers Castiel his father and Cas taught him to defend himself in the womb.  

Suddenly, corrupted angels from Heaven broke down the prison cell walls and try to capture Jack because he is the “golden ticket” and could do anything because he is so powerful.  Sam and Dean tried to protect him, but ultimately failed when an angel sticks an angel blade into Jack’s heart.  Sam stabbed and killed the angel, but is dumbfounded when Jack seamlessly and effortlessly pulled the blade out assures the brothers that he is, in fact, OK.  

The brothers spoke with each other, and eventually agreed, that Jack should be brought back to the bunker with them where Sam wants to protect him and Dean wants to kill him.  Before arriving home, they made a pit stop to prepare Cas and Kelly for the ritual hunter burning. It was quite raw to see Dean devoid of any emotion and watch the fire grow.  

It is interesting that the show set up Cas’s death when Collins is back.  This season seems to do some damage control after last season’s traumatic finale.  Sam is oddly optimistic about the situation of his best friend and mother dying.  Dean, on the other hand, has the mentality of “shoot first, ask questions later.” Dean seems to be drowning his guilt and mourning by his work, which will only create problems. 

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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