Ohio University Student Senate voted to put money toward The Period Project’s Take a Tampon, Leave a Tampon initiative at its meeting Wednesday night.

The initiative is the first of its kind in Ohio.

The resolution, which passed unanimously with one abstention, amends senate’s Rules and Procedures to put 8.5 percent of senate’s starting budget toward purchasing menstrual products for OU bathrooms.

The Period Project provides free pads, tampons and menstrual cups in Baker Center and Alden Library. It will now expand across campus. 

“I am so proud to be in a senate that does this,” LGBTQA Affairs Senator Anna Ayers said. 

Women’s Affairs Commissioner Hannah Burke and East Green Senator Madison Sloat, the primary sponsors of the resolution, gave a presentation to the senate body before it voted. 

In a survey by the Period Project, 93.2 percent of the 600 respondents said they have been without menstrual products when they needed them. One in three of respondents said they have been forced to stay home from school, work or other functions because they were without menstrual products. 

“I have often had to choose between eating or having menstrual products while I have been in college,” a respondent said. 

This year, 8.5 percent of senate’s starting budget translates to $1,850. That buys nearly 7,000 tampons and pads. 

“Because we’re buying in bulk, it is significantly cheaper,” Burke said. 

Senate received two other presentations. 

Senators who went to the Ohio Student Government Association conference gave an update on the meeting. Treasurer Zach Woods talked about how to make a budget. 

Student Senate President Landen Lama called an Executive Session, which was closed to members of the public.

Senate passed several other resolutions, including appointments and budgets. 

Ayers was appointed chairperson and Center for International Studies Senator Zachary Reizes was appointed vice chairperson of the Committee on the Budget. 

Jordyn Zimmerman was appointed to the Minority Affairs Commission.

“I love that she’s already showing initiative and going to meetings,” Student Senate Vice President Nicole Schneider, the secondary sponsor of the resolution, said.

Madeline Baker was appointed to the Off-Campus Life Commission.

Because the budgets passed, senate will purchase supplies for the Off-Campus Life Commission’s neighborhood picnic, office supplies and supplies for the Ohio Student Government Association general body meeting. 



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