The article has been updated to include a healthier alternative to dealing with stress in relation to World Mental Health Day.

Tuesday marks World Mental Health Day, and it is also coincidentally Reading Day at Ohio University. With midterms coming up, paper deadlines approaching and work stacking up, some students might be feeling anxious and tightly wound and need to take some time for themselves. 

Everyone needs a break from our stressful schedules, and it’s important for people to take a mental check to make sure they are doing OK. Here are some things to consider doing to give the mind a break. 

1. Go on a walk or a hike 

Take a break from homework and get some exercise. Walks can be a great way for someone to clear their mind. Even better, hike up to The Ridges or Bong Hill and enjoy being amidst calming trees. Students will feel more at ease with their busy agendas after taking time to relax and organize their thoughts.

2. Call a family member 

Everyone gets busy and forget to call their loved ones every once and awhile. Taking a moment to call mom, dad or grandma could make anyone feel more grounded and serve as a reminder to what’s important in life. 

3. Go to Counseling and Psychological Services at Hudson Health Center

Perhaps the best thing to make some feel better is to talk to a professional. Hudson Health Center offers drop-in appointments Monday through Friday from 9:45 a.m. to 3: 15 p.m. and regular office hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Don’t be worried to ask for help because everybody needs a mental-check once in awhile. It’s a nice way to relieve stress and talk to someone who can offer great advice and knows what they’re talking about. 

4. Meditate or do yoga

Take a half-hour or an hour to de-stress with meditation or yoga. It isn’t about having perfect technique or skill, it’s just about clearing the mind from day-to-day stress. Attendees might leave feeling more light-hearted and relaxed. Ping offers a group yoga class today from 6:10-7:10 p.m. Athens Yoga, 77 1/2 E. State St., is also offering classes Tuesday, the last class starting at 7 p.m. 

5. Grab a cup of coffee with a friend

Go to a cute cafe like Donkey Coffee or Court Street Coffee and catch up with a friend to celebrate the day off. Play chess, listen to some music and drink a cup of joe to de-stress.

Hopefully the tips above will help some people de-clutter their mind. As much as school is important, remember that mental health comes first. If a person is not healthy, they won’t  do good work. So everyone should take the day to catch up on sleep, a favorite show, or whatever will help them de-stress. 


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