In the latest episode of Outlander, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) struggled to survive on an island, while the boat Jamie (Sam Heughan) was on faced problems.

Claire goes into survival mode

After jumping off of the Porpoise, Claire washed up on an island with no clue where she was. Once she got her bearings, Claire started to hike inland, hoping to find a road. During her journey, Claire struggled to find water and proper shelter, and used all of her survival knowledge to stay alive. She even used her old clothes to help start a fire. After a night spent on a tropical island, Claire woke up with ants biting her legs. She tried to bandage her legs as best she could, but it was difficult due to the limited resources. Things looked bleak for Claire as she journeyed further inland and did not find any roads or civilization with deteriorating health. 

Claire gets help 

After finding another person on the island, Claire collapsed right in front of help. She woke up tied to a bed with some kind of medicine on her legs which were in much worse shape after the ants had bitten her. Claire met Mamacita (Vivi Lepori) and Father Fogden (Nick Fletcher) who have taken her in. Father Fogden was very happy Claire was there because she was English like he was. Mamacita, Father Fogdon’s mother-in-law, was not happy Claire had found them. When Claire explained she needed to get to Jamaica as soon as possible, Father Fogden wanted her to stay longer but Mamacita wanted Claire to leave immediately. Father Fogden said Claire couldn’t make the journey to the nearby village alone and he would accompany her. Claire compelled him to travel with her sooner after explaining how much she loved Jamie and how she would lose him if she didn’t go. This hit home with Father Fogden because he lost his wife, Ermenegilda, and didn’t want the same thing happening to Claire.

The Artemis faces issues

Jamie and the crew of the Artemis were on the beach fixing parts of the boat after it hit hard waters. The captain had died, so Jamie had taken the unofficial role of the captain, ordering the men to work faster on fixing things. Little did either Claire or Jamie knew they were on the same island. It was only when Mamacita found one of the goats dead did Claire think Jamie was there after Mamacita said it was Mr. Willoughby (Gary Young) who killed the goat. 

Jamie and Claire are reunited

Once Claire learned who killed the goat, she took off at a sprint toward the beach. While Claire was sprinting to find Jamie, she cut her arm but kept going. Jamie and the rest of the crew were packing up things and got back on the boat before Claire got to the beach. Claire was smart enough to steal a small mirror from Father Fogden and used it to signal Jamie. Once Jamie saw it was Claire, he and a few crew members headed back to shore. Once Jamie reached the beach, both he and Claire ran towards each other and hugged after they had been separated. We saw Jamie show his soft side as he confessed he was worried he had lost Claire again. 

Fergus and Marsali get married

Once things had settled down, Jamie admitted to Claire that he had given Fergus (César Domboy) and Marsali (Lauren Lyle) consent to marry. Claire thought of Father Fogden to have the two be married, and they all traveled back to his home. When Marsali was getting dressed, Claire helped her after she saw that she was struggling. Marsali then confided in Claire, admitting she didn’t want kids right away and just wanted to enjoy being married to Fergus for a few years. Claire told her there were ways to prevent pregnancy and she would help Marsali. Marsali also admitted she was worried about whether or not she would like sex. She said her mother seemed to hate it but she saw how Claire and Jamie were, so Marsali had hope. Claire comforted her in a very motherly way, giving her advice about all of her worries. During the wedding, when Father Fogden asked Fergus for his full name, Fergus drew a blank. He had only been known as Fergus, but Jamie decided to give him the Fraser name. It was another touching moment between Jamie and his adopted son. 

Outlander airs at 9 p.m. on Sundays on STARZ.


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