Today is Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017. Here’s what you need to know. 

News from The Post: 

The Marching 110 will perform its end of the season concert in MemAud. (The Post)

Many local organizations have teamed up to form the Sexual Assault Resource Collaborative. (The Post)

Sonic Mania brings nostalgia to players of the classic video game. (The Post

Good Morning, 

Have you ever wanted to attend the Coachella Valley Music Festival but realize the tickets cost a fortune? Well, what if there was a cOUachella? Twitter account @RachelStarrett6 tweeted a picture of what seems to be an authentic Coachella set list, but it turns out it’s just a hilarious meme. The headliners were Pumpkin the Cat, Jenny Hall Jones and Rufus the Bobcat followed by acts like Jeff (Death Hill), Tripping on Bricks, McDavis and many others. Although a fictional set list, “cOUachella” could totally be the next big thing. 

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Athens Weather 

Thursday will be mostly sunny with no perception. High of 53 degrees. (Courtesy of Scalia Lab

Scores and Game Times

Ohio football beat Toledo 38-10 last night behind a 393-yard rushing attack, led by Dorian Brown and Nathan Rourke.

You might also want to know… 

Former TV anchor whose girlfriend was killed on live TV wins race for Virginia house (CNN)

Former president Barack Obama congratulated democrats on a victorious election night (CNN)

LiAngelo Ball released on bail after being arrested in China (ESPN


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