Eminem revealed through social media on Tuesday that the name of his next album will indeed be titled Revival and it will be released on Dec. 15.

The hype for Revival started in October when Paul Rosenberg, Eminem's manager, shared a post on Instagram with a billboard advertising for a medicine called Revival in the background. The post, along with many other clues, appeared to be part of an elaborate marketing campaign for the hip hop artist's album.

Some fans originally believed Revival would be released on Nov. 17, a week after Eminem's single off the album, "Walk on Water" was released. That would follow suit with how Kendrick Lamar released DAMN., a single first and the full album a week later with little warning.

When Nov. 17 came and passed, fans were left in the dark waiting again until a Twitter user asked the retailer Target when the album would be released. Although the reply from the AskTarget has since been deleted, the reply stated "What we currently have is a street date of December 15, 2017."

On Tuesday, a video fitting in with the Revival marketing campaign's theme was released by Eminem's team. The video features Trevor, a spokesperson for the fictitious medicine, telling the camera "Revival isn't a medication at all. Revival is the name of the new album from Eminem. And it's coming out December 15."

Although the marketing campaign was proved to be fake, part of it will likely still stand true. In the campaign, Revival was touted as a drug that could cure people suffering from Atrox Rithimus, which translated to Latin means “terrible rhyme. "

Hopefully Eminem's next album does just that, and cures hip hop of terribly rhymes. 



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