Evan Peters continues to impersonate famous cult leaders and in this week’s episode of American Horror Story he takes on the role of Charles Manson.

The episode starts off with a flashback to the October before the election and Winter (Billie Lourd) and her friends are making fun of Trump in debates, claiming there is no way anyone would vote for him. Kai (Evan Peters) is in the background, and begins to express his hatred toward Clinton. He gets into an argument with Winter’s friend and he slaps her in the face, while she threatens to press charges against him.

Fast forward two weeks later and he is enrolled in anger management and his therapist happens to be Bebe Abbott (Frances Conroy), who made her first appearance a few weeks ago. As she works with Kai, she sees potential in him, as Trump is her favorite politician of all time. She claims Kai could be just like him.

Now, Kai is rallying for a spot in senate until protesters approach. A fight breaks out and Kai gets maced. This scene foreshadows the Charlottesville rallies. Kai then gathers his cult members to tell them about another cult story.

It’s 1969 and the AHS cast reenacts the infamous Charles Manson murders. This time, Billy Eichner, Sarah Paulson, Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman are playing important members of Manson’s cult. Kai uses this story to introduce the idea of Helter Skelter, but this time they need to make it bigger and better.

Gary (Chaz Bono) heads to Planned Parenthood to seek out the list of women who want abortions. Instead, the clowns arrive and Kai has him killed and left outside of the clinic.

As usual, Beverly (Adina Porter) is at the scene with her cameraman to report on the incident. Kai claims the “Woke Warriors” did it because of Gary’s beliefs. But, Beverly is not helping to convince others of this story. She has changed after everything she has been put through in recent episodes. Back at the restaurant, Winter gives her a train ticket in order to try and escape from the cult, but Beverly can’t accept it.

Kai is becoming increasingly paranoid as he is convinced someone is out to get him. He visits the bedroom containing all of his dead relatives and has a conversation with his brother, Dr. Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) and Charles Manson. Manson gives him some tips on running a cult, and that is to not trust women. 

Bebe shows up and is angry at Kai for screwing up her plans. Valerie Solanas passed her legacy down to her and she was planning on doing the same to Kai. Now, she plans to shoot him, but Ally (Sarah Paulson) steps in and shoots her first. With this move, Ally might be taking steps forward to her final plan.

Later, in a different scene, Winter is shaving Kai’s head — which makes him look even more like Manson. Kai is questioning her loyalty and decides to show her the train ticket she was going to give to Beverly. This reveals that she may have been the spy all along. Ally claims to have found tape records and tracking devices, but Winter denies that they belong to her. 

The actual spy ends up being a cult member, who is panicked and runs to his car. His hopes of getting away are crushed when Ally gets to the scene. Ally is beginning to show new signs of her ultimate plan and what may unravel next.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 



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