If you’ve ever been Uptown, there’s not a chance you haven’t passed Mike’s Dog Shack, known to locals as “The Shack.” Run by, you guessed it, Mike, the man is sort of an Athens icon who is sort of like Athens’ favorite uncle. Mike has got a fire Twitter game as well, so whether you need a laugh or some encouragement, our dude Mike has got you. 

First, if you are ever feeling down, Mike wants you to come talk to him. Don’t have time for the wait at Campus Care and just want it to be a casual conversation without all the hoops and barriers a counselor makes you go through? Just go chat with Mike at The Shack.

And if you want to support a local business that cares about marine life, you already know The Shack is the place to go. 

Need that little push to get your homework done? You already know Mike wants you to study hard so you can party hard.

And as the unofficial voice of Athens, Mike had some words to Halloween visitors. 

Even though The Shack no longer sells hot dogs, you already know Mike has got some strong opinions on what makes a good ‘dog great — and it isn’t ketchup.

You may want to turn your Twitter notifications on for Mike as well, as casual as the business is, he just tweets out when they’re open — students often buyout everything he has in stock.

Remember, Mike may as well be an honorary professor. We think of him as one anyway. Thanks for being the cool uncle, Mike.



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