Residents of a West Washington Street apartment found themselves in a crappy situation.

On Nov. 17, the Athens Police Department responded to call about an inactive burglary. When officers arrived, it seemed that nothing was missing or damaged. 

However, there were feces spread throughout the home, according to the report.

The residents said that they did not know who might have done this. The case is closed pending any new leads.

It’s all fun and games

The sheriff’s office responded to a call about yelling coming from a neighboring apartment in Chauncey on Nov. 23.

The residents in the apartment said that everything was well and that they were yelling out of excitement for the game they were playing, according to the report.

Since there was no crime to report, no further action was needed. 

Wrong number

On Thursday, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on Bethany Ridge Road about a woman receiving a threatening message on her cell phone from an unknown number.

After further investigation, the deputy found the message was sent by mistake. Her phone number had been recently changed, and the message was meant as a joke for the person who previously had that number. 

Gone hunting

The sheriff’s office responded to a call about a 6-year-old girl walking around with a shotgun on Bate Road on Nov. 18.

Deputies talked to the girl, telling her about safe habits of firearms and told her it was very dangerous to be carrying a shotgun.

Deputies got in contact with the girl’s parents, who said that they would talk to her and that they would secure the shotgun away from her. 

Anyone home?

Deputies responded  to a call about a suspicious person on Stone Road on Nov. 15.

The caller said they saw a man get mail out of a mailbox on the roadway and then watched him walk up a driveway to an abandoned house.

Deputies patrolled the area and checked the abandoned house, but they couldn't find him, according to the report. Since deputies saw no other issues, the case was closed. 


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