Last Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta focused on friendship. When someone is considered another person’s best friend, there is usually no limit to how far they would go to make sure their friend is happy. Unfortunately, it seems like Porsha Williams didn’t get that memo. 

Porsha has a best friend that appears on the show periodically by the name of Shamea Morton. Shamea plans to get married in Kenya and Porsha is not only supposed to be there but, she is also supposed to be a bridesmaid. Porsha claimed that she can’t make the wedding because of medical reasons and the price of tickets was too high. Shamea called her out on her excuse, and Porsha Williams still tried to make her case and said her reasons were valid. Porsha is full of it and here’s why:

Porsha can afford the plane ticket

Porsha’s claim that the tickets are too high to completely ridiculous. Considering that she is a business woman, TV personality and radio personality, it is hard to believe. Porsha is very active on social media and it is easy to see that she lives an over the top, fabulous lifestyle. When you look at the materialistic things that she owns, it easy to conclude that she can afford a plane ticket to Africa to see her best friend get married. 

Porsha’s medical reasons are not stopping her 

Porsha’s other reason for not being able to attend the wedding is because of her medical condition. She said she would have to fly private because the coach seats would not accommodate her on the flight, but she does not want to fly private because the cost was too high. So that excuse is also illegitimate because she, again, can afford a plane ticket. 

Porsha just needs to stop and be real with herself and Shamea, and just say that she doesn’t want to go instead of making bad excuses that no one believes. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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