Editor's note: The weekly tab was updated, so endorsements are only on page 4 in the print edition. The article has been updated to reflect that information.

At The Post, our goal as a news organization is to keep our readers informed. With each story we publish online and each print edition we distribute, we consider what information is important and newsworthy for our readership. 

Elections are this coming Tuesday. In line with tradition, The Post has endorsed contested Athens City Council candidates along with the issues on the ballot. Our endorsements are coming out now so readers have an adequate amount of time to review them and do additional research to better understand each candidate and issue on the ballot. You can find the endorsements on page 4 of this week’s issue.

Endorsements do not reflect the overall opinion of The Post newsroom. Instead, endorsements are the result of Opinion Editor Chuck Greenlee reaching out to each candidate with a set of questions to better understand each candidate’s goals. Managing Editor Kaitlin Coward, Senior Editor Marisa Fernandez and I researched the candidates, reviewed the responses and determined endorsements accordingly. To remain unbiased in our reporting, Digital Managing Editor Hayley Harding did not take part in this year’s endorsements, as she is involved with coverage. 

Early next week, we will have a series of articles about each candidate on this year’s ballot, including the candidates who are running unopposed. Reporters have been working on profiles for each candidate, which means taking time to talk to the candidates and learn more about their campaigns and goals. Digital Production Editor Taylor Johnston is preparing a landing page that will host all of the elections content so readers can easily access all over the coverage in one place. 

On election night, writers will be out reporting, and The Post will work to publish content in a timely manner for all the readers. At the same time, we will be working on next week’s print edition, which will feature profiles of the winning candidates and updates about the election results. 

As always, informing our audience is our main goal. We hope readers take our endorsements and our additional coverage into consideration before going to the polls to vote. Each vote counts and can have an effect on the future of Athens, so take time to read up and learn more.

– Elizabeth Backo is a senior studying journalism and the editor-in-chief of The Post. Do you plan to vote in Tuesday’s elections? Tell her at eb823313@ohio.edu or send her a tweet at @liz_backo.

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