Thursday’s episode of Supernatural, titled “War of the Worlds,” tasked the team with finding Jack (Alexander Calvert), among other things.  

This week’s episode settles down with some plot developments. The episode opened with picturesque scenery, and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) was seen talking to the new and improved Michael about God’s faults. 

“I’ve had plenty of gripes with the Old Man. His self-righteous narcissism, his ‘my way or the highway’ quirk,” he said. “But I’ve got to hand it to him, he had a couple of great seconds when he banged out the universe. The guy had creative chops and optimism, I’ll give him that. And despite his pissiness and his massive lack of irony, he did give mankind a good turnabout and a chance to live in paradise."

This expectant dialogue from Lucifer, who has become a fan favorite, is nonetheless enjoyed by the audience.  

Cutting scenes, Cas (Misha Collins) tried to locate Jack and ventured out into the angel territory to try to eavesdrop on any chatter surrounding Jack’s whereabouts. 

In the meantime, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigated a hunt that sounded like a ritualistic serial killer targeting witches. While investigating the hunt, the brothers came across a witch, who revealed she was one of the victims of the serial killer and then showed her chest, where he tortured her with a red-hot knife. In a turn of events, the brothers discovered the serial killer was Arthur Ketch, the ex-member of the British Men of Letters. 

When the brothers eventually found and captured Ketch, it was revealed that the serial killer was actually Ketch’s twin brother, Alexander. Dean, suspicious, was hostile toward Alexander until the brothers got a tip about the case and decided to examine it without Alexander. There, Dean pulled a gun on Alexander, who was there somehow and finally painted a clearer picture.  

Alexander was actually Ketch — there was no twin brother — and he was still alive because he struck a deal with Rowena to bring him back. On the flipside, Lucifer is thrown topside onto Earth and finds he is powerless. Lucifer finds and teams up with Cas to continue the hunt for Jack, who Lucifer has still not met.  

While they talked, Asmodeus, the fourth prince of Hell (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) waltzes in and captures the duo, which the audience guesses will be for questioning and torturing.

The final scene of the episode is Dean calling "Cas" asking about his safety and Cas assuring Dean he is okay. Asmodeus faked Cas’s voice, leaving an audience only a taste of Cas’s return.

The episode, titled “War of the Worlds,” is appropriate of the clashes between Heaven and Hell and everything in between. The multiple plots allow the audience to follow through the storyline, and it also allows the show’s writers to further expand the plot and character development.  In this way, Asmodeus and Michael’s return can be further expanded on Jack’s return and eventual arrival to power will most likely overthrow Lucifer’s position. Given that the show hasn’t clearly defined a threat, like previous seasons such as defeating God’s sister or closing the gates of Hell.

Lucifer’s dialogue and demeanor is more than welcomed by the audience as he is a fan favorite and seen as misunderstood, which is ironic given his stance in biblical historical context.  For example, when he is thrown topside onto Earth, he finds out he is powerless and attempts to blast pedestrians, but is seen as mentally ill and probably homeless.  

“I am everything humanity thinks I am and worse. That’s who you’re dealing with, pal. But hey, congratulations to you for being king of the hill on this dead rock,” he said to Michael. 

Another fan favorite, Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) returned as the alternate Kevin. 

“Michael’s taking me with him to Paradise World so I can meet hot women,” Kevin said. 

Although not the same as our beloved Kevin, it was refreshing to see the familiar face again.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. 


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