All year long, Post staffers are at public meetings. As a journalist, consistency is important. We want to be educated on the issues and be able to give our readers as much context as possible. So when it came to Election Day on Tuesday, we were prepared. 

To create this edition of The Post, it took a lot of planning and preparation, and a lot of that came from our reporters who diligently follow each Athens City Council and each school board meeting. With this issue, we want to add context to what this election means. 

Though we have been keeping up with coverage all year long, we published endorsements last week and published profiles of all the candidates running Monday. We did that in hopes of giving our readers plenty of information to make educated decisions while voting. 

Election season is an exciting time for many in the newsroom. For a few staffers, it is their favorite time of the year. For others, it is a chance to break out of their comfort zone and get a taste of political reporting. It’s a great skill to be able to write on deadline and publish content soon after the story breaks. Our reporters strive to do that with every developing story, but elections give everyone a little extra practice. 

After the winners were announced Tuesday evening, reporters followed up that night and/or the following day to better understand how the candidates were feeling after the initial wave of celebrations wore down. 

As per usual, we have a few mainstays in this issue. Our weekly Post Modern, which usually exists on pages 20 and 21 and goes online late Tuesday night, is in its regular place. We also have our Weekender at the end of the tab to help our readers plan out their weekends. Our opinion section still lives on pages 4 and 5. And of course, we have news briefs, blotter and classifieds on pages 6 and 7. 

We want to give readers a dose of the regular content we have week to week while also informing them about the latest election news. And as always, we publish content every day to so we have a whole bunch of variety. 

And as time goes on, we’ll continue to tell our readers the latest news happening at school board meetings and city council. So follow along as we add more context to this new season. 

– Elizabeth Backo is a senior studying journalism and the editor-in-chief of The Post. Did you follow The Post's election coverage? Tell her at or send her a tweet at @liz_backo.

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