Though the academic year is not over quite yet, The Post is taking some time to reflect. This is our last regular issue of the 2017. Next week, we will have our special “Post Picks” issue to kick off winter break. 

The first paper of the academic year included a cover story about Javon Hagan and a breakdown of Ohio University’s budget. It also had a handful of black and white photos and some misplaced pages numbers due to a printer error. We’ve come along way since then. 

The people who pick up our print product each week saw few special issues, including one about President Duane Nellis, another one specifically for Homecoming and our issue dedicated to elections. We also had a ton of spooky content for Halloween. 

Our design staff illustrated a handful of covers and created graphics and illustrations to go alongside reported content. Post photographers covered sporting events, celebrations Uptown and so much more. 

The core section staffs — news, culture, sports and opinion — produced content for the print edition and online edition every week. We had updates on the two-legged dog Tumbles, coverage of Parents Weekend and Dads Weekend, and in-depth feature story on the announcer at Bird Arena and some hot takes about Quentin Tarantino.

We connected with our audience online. Throughout the course of the semester, we published more than 300 blogs, which include social media reactions to noteable events, news explainers, reviews and more. We created nearly 20 videos and kept our social media platforms updated every day. Digital Production Editor Taylor Johnston also has been coding projects every week including landing pages and some special projects. 

The start of the academic year marked a new beginning for our entire staff. Almost every Post staff member had to take on a new role and face different challenges. We have had the chance to learn a lot along the way. 

We’re all proud of the work we put in this semester, and we are excited to see what next semester has in store. We have some plans for some changes and updates going into next semester so we can continue giving our readers the best experience possible. 

As always, we appreciate any feedback and are always happy to have a conversation about what we’re doing well and what can be better. 

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