Twitter users are trying to help Time decide who should be Person of the Year, and they’re not conventional. 

After all of the drama involving Donald Trump’s nomination, people took to social media to suggest who they think should win the honor. Buzzfeed’s AM to DM show provided users with a blank Time cover and people brought their A-game. Twitter even created its own moment for it. 

Bob from Stranger Things made the list. We all know he deserved better, and this is possibly the best way to commemorate his sacrifice. 

The cute, little, gerbil-like creatures from the upcoming Star Wars movie look incredible on the cover. 

Remember when the Navy drew a penis in the sky? Some Twitter users do. 

The most meme-able child would be a great addition to the long list of people who have been on the cover. 

And who forget Earth’s greatest animal?

Any of these would be perfect. 


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