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As the semester winds down, The Post is in full gear with Post Picks.

We distributed a survey on social media in early November and gave readers more than a week to participate. The survey had nearly 100 responses, but a few questions were not heavily answered, so we narrowed down the picks accordingly. Then our reporters, photographers and designers got to work to make this issue happen.

Because it is our second year creating Post Picks, we wanted to find a way to capture all the interesting happenings in Athens. We had the chance to feature people, businesses and a T. rex. Our goal with this issue is to capture all of the quirky and interesting people of Athens and to help tell their stories.

In this issue, you will find the story of Salaam. The owners work to make the restaurant as sustainable as possible in every way it can be, and they feel small businesses can work together to make sustainability happen.

We also have a story about community outreach. Additionally, we have an illustration of Red Brick Tavern, which our readers voted as the best happy hour. With an illustration, we felt we could display the category in a different and appealing way.

But this issue is not just businesses and organizations. Our reporters set out to talk to interesting people. One reporter chatted with Geena Provenzano, a freshman studying journalism, who was voted for being  the most fashionable. She talks about growing up with and interest in fashion and how that has influenced her today.

Our reporters also heard stories from a traveler, a musician, a hardcore sports fan and a professor who spends a lot of time in the lab. Also, a story about Athens food can be found on our online landing page. We wanted to encapsulate as many aspects of Athens as possible.

This issue will be on the stands for the entirety of winter break, so we included a story about people the celebrate the holidays. We also included news briefs and blotter to give our readers an update on current events.

Though it is our last print issue of the semester, The Post will continue running throughout winter break to produce content online every week. Visit The Post’s website and follow us on social media so you can stick with The Post all season long.

– Elizabeth Backo is a senior studying journalism and the editor-in-chief of The Post. What do you think of Post Picks? Tell her at eb823313@ohio.edu or send her a tweet at@liz_backo.

The weekly tab was updated, so different stories appear in the print edition. The article has been updated to reflect that information.

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