Now isn’t this a sight? 

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been charged with lying to the FBI in Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, and, as it happens, he’s been cooperating with the probe for a while now.

Given that Flynn has been part of Trump’s circle much longer than Paul Manafort was, he likely has more insight into what Trump himself knew and when he knew it. This might explain why Trump’s behavior has been getting weirder lately, since it’s completely likely Flynn’s confessions might kill his already-failing presidency.

Note that, according to an excellent Twitter thread by law professor Seth Abramson, he’s only being charged with lying to the FBI when he could have, at the very least, also been slapped with “Failing To Register As A Foreign Agent” for the work he did on behalf of Turkey and not Russia.

This means he’s likely being offered a deal in exchange for people higher on the totem pole, which can only mean Donald Trump or Mike Pence, along with just about anyone else implicated in this probe. Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions — the list goes on.

Of course, we still have a ways to go until the probe is finished, and it’s still possible that Trump will remain president — whatever that means for him — on the other side of it. That, and with both the horrible tax plan and net neutrality repeal in the immediate future, it’s not time to relax yet.

Note that without Trump, we’re still going to be laboring under the whims of a Republican Party in desperate need of donor money and some sort of political win, no matter how contrived.

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