Two major stories hit recently that finally, without a shadow of a doubt, proved what I’ve suspected the whole time: the Republican Party, at least in Washington, are cynical and inept robber barons who are okay with more or less any moral failing so long as they can still get donor money. The two stories, which are naturally going to develop, are the passage of their unpopular tax reform plan, and the Republican establishment getting behind Roy Moore for senate in Alabama. Remember: Roy Moore is a pedophile.

The tax reform law, known as the “Donor Relief Act” by smarmy jerks, is a tax plan that’s priorities sit firmly with the very wealthy as evidenced by delicious nuggets like a break for private jet owners, as well as the fact that the cuts directed at the rich are permanent, while anything directed at the middle class, however small, is explicitly temporary. This story is especially prone to shifts, as when the Senate bill passed, the modifications to it were handwritten in. 

Oh, and that $1.5-plus trillion hole in the deficit, along with blowing up “fiscal conservatism” as an argument the GOP can fall back on to block a Democratic initiative for at least a full decade, means that the government can’t act nearly as effectively as it needs to in case of a crisis. I am not an expert on taxation, but this is what I can glean so far. Prognosis: not good. 

That isn’t even getting into how this is going to be used as a manufactured reason to cut welfare, Medicaid, Social Security and so on. “Why, look at this massive deficit the Democrats left on the floor! I guess we’re going to have to cut safety net programs wholesale, instead of putting in the legwork to cut back on abuse, because genuine reform is too expensive.” 

President Trump and the Republican donor system backed Roy Moore’s bid for Jeff Session’s old Senate seat. Roy Moore is a literal theocrat on behalf of the Church of Roy Moore, who doesn’t believe in the laws of man, and preyed on kids in the '80s. He’s a perfect fit for the Congressional Republicans, who have been only too eager to sit and do nothing about one ludicrously unfit, improbably racist official who imposes himself sexually on people. 

What’s one more?

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