Finals week: two words that bring stress, studying and lots and lots of caffeine. Something they should also bring is self-awareness and self-care for yourself and your friends. If you’re not happy and healthy, it can negatively impact your performance on your exams and overall well-being. Here are five tips and resources to help you stay physically and mentally healthy during finals week. 

1. Take breaks

No matter how much coffee you drink or how determined you are to power through six more hours of studying, you’re going to hit a wall eventually. And when you hit that wall where your brain needs a break and can’t absorb any more important information, there are few things you can do instead. 

Watch one of these short TV shows. Taking a brain break where you can just watch some mindless television can be very beneficial and help to relieve some of your stress. You and your brain might also deserve a nap, so cuddle up with your favorite blanket either in your bed or on the couch and take 30 minutes or even an hour to get some rest.

2. Buy some face masks and go crazy

Treat yo' self. At the end of a long day of exams or studying, it’s important to wind down and relax before you go to sleep. Take a trip to Walmart or CVS and buy some face masks, nice lotion or some Sleepytime tea. Taking care of your body and stress level is very important to having a successful and productive finals week. 

3. CPS

Counseling and Psychological Services is available all year, but it’s also important to know that they’re available during finals week. If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed and none of these DIY self-care tips are helping, make an appointment with a counselor at CPS. They can help you talk through your stress and make problems that have snowballed and seem unsolvable, manageable again.

4. Find a study buddy

It can suck to study by yourself for hours on end. Sometimes isolation doesn’t really help your studying or your mental health. Find a friend or classmate to study with, even if you aren’t studying the same subject, it is nice to have company and know that you’re both working hard to achieve something. 

5. Relax and take a deep breath

Finals only last for a week and although they’re important, it’s also good to remember that they won’t last forever and that they will not define your entire life. Take a deep breath and know that you’ve done as much as you can to study and that whatever happens is going to happen.


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