At its Wednesday night meeting, Ohio University Student Senate will vote on two resolutions and one bill, including one that will call for OU to assess the current sustainability of the Ridges’ master plan. 

In the bill, the Student Senate Environmental Affairs Commission quotes OU President Duane Nellis as saying the university is “working towards a sustainable future in every capacity we can.” 

The bill would ask that he show that effort by assessing the potential impact of planned construction on Ridges land. The Ridges is comprised of approximately 700 acres of land.

The commission has brought forth the bill with a stated objective “to preserve the Ridges’ biodiversity and history.” 

The bill outlines concerns, including that “there has been a lack of knowledge in how this construction will impact Ohio University Action Plan’s carbon neutrality goal” and how the 2018 goal to “decrease construction waste going to the landfill by 25 percent” will be affected. 

The body will also discuss two resolutions. One would delete the signature requirements for candidates to run for Executive Office and for senate, while the second would increase the signature requirement for both.

The latter would require an application for Senator to include 50 signatures from currently enrolled OU students instead of 25, and also increase the application requirement for Executive Office from 75 to 150 signatures from currently-enrolled OU students.


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