With every rose handed out on The Bachelor, people move forward in the competition while others are sent home — and that comes with a lot of drama. The drama is the appeal of the show, but sometimes it seems a little ridiculous. After a very boring premiere, maybe the producers wanted to spice things up a bit, because the claws are out and the women are already jealous. Here’s how the drama unfolded in Monday’s episode of The Bachelor

Arie gave Becca K. a whole new wardrobe

As if getting the first one-on-one wouldn’t put a big enough target on Becca K.’s back, Arie brought in designer Rachel Zoe for a glam session. Becca tried on a full rack of clothes and got to keep them. She even got a pair of Louboutin shoes and Neil Lane earrings. 

When she returned to the house before her dinner with Arie, all of the girls saw her new wardrobe and were super jealous.  

“Oh, my God, they’re going to get married, ” Bibiana said. 

There were two one-on-ones...

Usually, the frequency of one-on-ones increases as the season goes along, but Arie decided to take two women on private dates. That means there was only one group date, and some women didn’t get as much time as they had hoped for.

It feels like the show is really trying to make this season as interesting as possible — probably because Arie is not the most captivating person. 

...and one of them went to his hometown

Krystal’s one-on-one got super personal when Arie decided to take her to his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, to see his house — and meet his parents. 

It. Is. Episode. Two. 

This obviously is not going to work out. Remember when Nick Viall introduced Raven Gates to his parents in episode four? Well, Raven ended up in the final episode but not with the final rose. Taking Krystal to his hometown was absolutely ridiculous. That was their first date. Who in their right mind would want to meet his parents on the first date? There is something wrong with this girl — and Arie, for that matter. 

The women literally crashed into each other

One way to get out anger and frustration is with a demolition derby, but that can also cause some drama. 

Arie pit the women against each other by putting them in the driver’s seat and crashing into one another. Who thought this was a good idea? If it were later in the season, I would be worried for the women’s lives. 

“Women are ruthless,” Bekah said. 

As usual, women with roses were out to steal the show

At the end-of-the-night cocktail party, all of the women were fighting for time with Arie. It was clear some women were getting more time than others — even women with roses. 

Even after receiving a rose on her one-on-one, Krystal thought it would be a good idea to interrupt other women’s time with the bachelor. She did it not once, but twice. Of course the women were mad, but Bibiana was the only one to call her out on the rudeness of her behavior. 

“Damn, this b---- is trying really hard to piss people off,” Bibiana said. 

Krystal might not be so nice after all. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 



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