After four years since its previous album, MGMT has returned with the release of three singles off its upcoming album Little Dark Age

Those three singles, “Little Dark Age,” “Hand It Over” and “When You Die” are pleasantly different from 2013’s self-titled album. MGMT enlisted Connan Mockasin and Ariel Pink for work on the album, which may explain the more melodic, lo-fi influences that the usually psychedelic band shows on the singles. The album is also produced by Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberly and The Flaming Lips’ producer Dave Fridmann.  

MGMT’s self-titled album was experimental compared to its two previous albums. The band, consisting of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, took a swift departure from its psychedelic pop roots and began experimenting with more noise.

The three singles MGMT has released so far have drifted away from the experimentation on the last album. The songs are easier to listen to and have more melody. 

The three singles that have been released are lyrically typical for MGMT and the singles aren’t an unusual sound for the band. But as a follow-up to a disappointing experimental release, the songs are a refreshing return to MGMT’s familiar pop sound.

The album will return to the pop format heard in 2007’s Oracular Spectacular, according to a Stereogum report. Despite both 2010’s Congratulations and its self-titled album being a swift departure from that pop sound, the new singles accept and embrace the format that originally made them famous with “Kids” and “Electric Feel.

“When You Die” was co-written by Connan Mockasin and Ariel Pink, which helped the song have MGMT’s familiar sound without making it sound stale and overused. The singles are groovier, with the singles all relying on a bassline more than in previous albums. 

I have high hopes for Little Dark Age. Although MGMT’s previous album fell flat, the three singles from the upcoming album are the light at the end of the tunnel from the band’s four-year dark age. 

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