Supernatural is back in full swing, and the creators of the show are already planning new spins. The first episode back was a backdoor pilot for potential spin-off featuring a team of all-female hunters, and there seem to be many more to come. Here are five things Supernatural fans are looking forward to the rest of this season. 

1. Mary Winchester and Cas are alive

After believing that Mary died when she was zapped into the Bad Place with Lucifer and Cas was fatally stabbed by Lucifer, the fans sympathized along with the characters — especially Dean. 

Dean, for several scenes, was more depressed than usual and suicidal because of the loss of his mom and best friend. The fans found out that Cas is alive and later saw him reunited as Team Free Will 2.0. The fans found out through Dean that Mary is indeed alive, but in a dangerous place. Jack, trying to prove that he is good, discovered a dreamwalker so he can travel to the Bad Place and rescue Mary.

2. Danneel Ackles is scheduled to appear as a recurring role

Danneel Ackles, wife of Jensen Ackles who plays Dean, is set to play a recurring role on the show as Sister Jo. Her character is said to be a well-known faith healer and entices the likes of Lucifer. Fans are excited to see Danneel appear on the show as Jared Padalecki’s wife.

3. ScoobyNatural is happening

ScoobyNatural, a meta crossover of Supernatural and Scooby Doo, will take place during the sixteenth episode. The episode is said to be entirely animated. 

“It’s f--king awesome,” Padalecki said to Entertainment Tonight. “We got the script, technically, in March, April... because we did the audio for it several months ago. They've already started drawing it, and we actually saw a little mock-up."

4. Jack can be used for good

The Nephilim and technically Lucifer’s son has already seen a character arc. The better part of the season has dealt with the brothers training Jack, played by Alexander Calver, to use his powers for good. This was specifically seen when Jack rebelled against Asmodeus, when he brought back Cas and found Mary in the Bad Place.

5. Rowena is back from the dead

Rowena, played by Ruth Connell, is apparently back from the dead.  According to the plot, sister witches steal a book of spells from the bothers. When the brothers go after the book, the good witch is back and helps them. Rowena is a fan favorite and many fans are excited to see her and her spunk back on the screen.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. 


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