It's back.

A league that resembled a wrestling match at a Jerry Springer Show will make its triumphant return to the field in 2020. The XFL only was previously only operational for one season, in 2001.

The league was characterized by big hits and personality of the players, foregoing traditional football culture. For instance, the opening of the game wasn't a coin toss — it was scramble for the ball. The first of two players to reach it earned his team the right to choose to kick or receive. 

The XFL, however, brought new innovations to the NFL that previously weren't mainstream. Skycam, player mics and field cameras all were created and then used by the NFL, innovations still used today.

To some, it's a glorious comeback for the league. To others, it's a joke at attempting to create a second professional football league in the U.S. at a time when CTE and concussion research is at its peak in the NFL.

The league will require players to stand for the anthem, and according to Vince McMahon, will "not focus on social or political issues." The season will be 10 games, have a four-team playoff and one championship game.

The XFL was originally created by McMahon, but former Ohio alum Basil DeVito was the president of the league.

He was hired as the director of promotions for the World Wrestling Federation in 1985, which he later turned into a job where he was was in charge of day-to-day operations league, designed to develop it into a legitimate competitor to the NFL.

After the league folded, DeVito was the person that delivered the news to the eight franchises. It's unclear what role he'll have in the new league.

The XFL will begin play in 2020, though it's unclear as to when that year.

Even Johnny Manziel might be a quarterback for one of the teams.


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