It turns out Arie Luyendyk Jr. is more like former Bachelor Ben Higgins than fans thought. Just like Ben, he told two women he loved them before the final rose ceremony. But the race car driver’s Fantasy Suites episode proved to be a snooze fest otherwise. Also, an unexpected visit from one of the contestant’s exes had viewers wishing for him to be The Bachelor instead. Here’s what happened on Tuesday’s episode of the ABC dating show. 

Kendall still isn’t ready

The week started off with Kendall having doubts about her relationship with Arie. Same old same old. 

“If Arie proposed to me today, I would probably say no,” Kendall said. At least she was being real.

But Arie felt like life with Kendall would be exciting. Does he remember stuffing dead animals last week?

They spent the day in the desert, and it was all just really boring. Their on-screen chemistry just lacks any substance. In the end, Kendall chose to stay the night with Arie, and he said he was falling for her. Snore. 

Lauren is the obvious frontrunner

In the long list of Bachelor cliche dates, plane or helicopter rides are at the top. Arie took Lauren on a plane ride to look at the Nazca Lines. She wasn’t very talkative, and he seemed upset about that. If he wanted her to talk, he should stop taking her on sightseeing adventures. Just saying.

At dinner, they worked through all of their trust problems and Arie even reciprocated an “I love you.” As they walked to the Fantasy Suite, a cheesy cover of “How Do I Live” played in the background. That was the most ridiculous part of the episode — and that’s saying something.

Becca gets the worst Fantasy Suite

Going into his one-on-one time with Becca, Arie said their relationship was the safest and most comfortable. Tally another mark for the most boring Bachelor ever. 

“I feel so lucky to have met him and have him in my life right now,” Becca said.

Becca spent the day on a boat and her Fantasy Suite was a small tent in the middle of the desert. They must have ended up with sand in some uncomfortable places. The most amazing part about the suite is they somehow manage to squeeze in a twin size bed and still emerge for breakfast the next morning. 

Before their time is up, Arie also told Becca he loves her. 

Becca’s ex shows up in Peru

The only drama in the episode was when Becca’s ex-boyfriend, Ross, showed up in Peru. 

“I don’t want to be on this show. I just want my girl,” Ross said.

He knocked on Arie’s door and said he wanted to marry Becca and was here to get her back. He said he came all this way, but we all know the producers probably paid for it to stir up some drama.

But the romantic things he said to Becca were enough for me to root for him — and he was way more attractive than Arie. But Becca shot him down and stuck with Arie.  

“I feel like a fool for coming here,” Ross said.

Ross should probably just be the next Bachelor at this point.

Goodbye, Kendall

At the rose ceremony, Arie pulled Kendall aside for the second week in a row. This time it was to break things off with her. 

“I don’t think we can get there,” Arie said.

Kendall understood his reservations, but was still upset. 

“It sucks because I really care a lot about you,” Kendall said.

All in all, It’s a very civil breakup. Goodbye, Kendall. We’ll remember you for your taxidermy and ukulele playing. 

The three-hour season finale of The Bachelor will air Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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