Loving a journalist isn’t easy.

We’re constantly spending time in the newsroom, checking push alerts on our phones, responding to messages and talking about the news. But we appreciate our loved ones who take the time to keep us sane as we produce content for the web and the weekly tabloid. We wouldn’t be able to do it all without the love and support from you all. 

To give all the staffers in the newsroom a chance to express their love and gratitude, I opened up my weekly From the Editor’s Desk for just that. To all the roommates, parents and significant others we hardly get to see, thank you for supporting us. And to those who read The Post online or in print, thank you for sticking with us.

It’s about to get a little cheesy, but hey, what else can you expect with Valentine’s Day less than a week away?

Oh, man. I don't know what to say. Every time I see you, I am overwhelmed and my heart fills with joy. I love you, ice cream. —Georgia Davis, culture editor P.S. Bennett, you’re pretty chill too. Get it? Chill?

Wade, you make me a better person day by day. I can't wait to experience more wonderful memories with you. Drum your heart out. — Julia Evertsy, news reporter

I love Words With Friends. It’s the best game in the world, in no small part because it allows me to prove how great I am to those who love me. Like Michael Harry! Hi. Thanks for being patient (even though I’m bad at expressing love publicly) and for being obligated to read The Post. Sorry your name will never appear in the paper again! — Hayley Harding, digital managing editor

Dear Lauren, thanks for bringing me in to The Post to draw some stuff and then putting up with me when I write about memes. We know that it’s basically all I know how to do, so I’m glad you deal with my inner manchild. Your stuff is cool too, I guess. Love ya heart emoji.  — Logan Pasqual, contributor 

Tryston, who knew I’d fall in love with the Cedar Point worker during my high school senior skip day? It’s crazy how things work out. Thank you for all the endless cuddles and obsessing over dogs with me. I am who I am today because of you. Here’s to many more years. — Meagan Hall, photo editor 

Dave, thank you for nixing “towards” from your vocabulary and sending me videos of otters on my most stressful days. I appreciate you liking The Post on Facebook because it means you understand when I am geeking out over the news. Thank you for all the late night phone calls and text messages. I love you more and more every day. — Liz Backo, editor-in-chief 

I want to give a shout out to some important people in my life: my parents, for always being supportive; my roommates and friends, for always being understanding of me needing to do the news; and for everyone at The Post. I love you all dearly. And for colons, the best punctuation a girl could ask for. — Kaitlin Coward, managing editor

Dear The Post–Movie, I love you because of all the mentions and traffic we get from people trying to talk to you about your movie on Twitter. — Kate Ansel, social media director

I’ve been single for like 99 percent of my life, but the woman that’s always been there for me is my mom. Love you bunches. Also, to Olive, the very best pup: bork.  — Alex McCann, copy chief

To Marisa: Thank u for always being down to get dessert, letting me copy your every move and being my bff at The Post. I love you for always gossiping with me. — Alex Darus, blogs editor

Schoonover 70 cent coffee: Thank you for getting me through the longest of study sessions and for helping me ball on a budget. I love you.  — Mijana Mazur, photo stringer

To my fellow Posties: I appreciate you for listening to me talk about Catfish & the Bottlemen (and my true love, Van McCann), cats and my daily life struggles. I’d like to thank my parents for supporting me in journalism, and Pumpkin the cat for letting me hug him. — Ashton Nichols, news staff writer

To The Growlers, The National and my friends, thank you for always being loud and there for me. — Shelby Campbell, news writer

To my fellow news gals: Thanks for putting up with me endlessly talking about Pumpkin, reminding me I cannot write five stories in one week and for making sure I always eat dinner. Thanks for always just getting it. I couldn't do it without ya. — Maddie Capron, news editor

Dear the one and only: Jimmy Buffett, you are one of my favorite humans on this planet and you never fails to put a smile on my face. I’m so grateful I had the pleasure of growing up on music like yours. Also, thanks to my other favorite human, Dad, for introducing me to him years ago. Love ya too. — McKinley Law, photo editor 

Dear Bharbi, thank you for coming to the newsroom to hang out with me just because I told you to, and for all those all-night study sessions at Alden. Even though being a journalism major is suffering, I’m glad it led me to you. Let’s go get Whit’s again sometime soon. — Mae Yap, culture editor

To my mom and dad: Thank you for always reading The Post and asking me about my photos. It means a lot when y’all tell me about your favorite photo of mine the day of a basketball or football game. And to my fellow Posties: Thank you for accepting me back as the grandpa of the newsroom this year as I pursue my second degree. I love you all. - Carl Fonticella, photo editor

I'd like to use this space to show my love for The Smiling Skull Saloon. It's where I met my best friend. Emily Christine Belles, my very best friend in the whole wide world, thanks for all you do for me. Even though I have to constantly remind you to take your contacts out, I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything else in the world. Love you unconditionally, Em. – Chuck Greenlee, opinion editor

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